Offender Apology Profile

Profile 23

Name: Eddie Douglas #409842
Age: 51
Race: African-American/Black
Felony Conviction(s): 2nd Degree Murder / Especially Aggravated Robbery
City or County of Crime(s): Whiteville TN (Hardeman County)
Brief Description of Crime(s): Shot and Killed Best Friend

My heart is still broken... I also broke the hearts of a family that were true friends, personal friends to me. And to beat it all... that family forgave me.

For over 10 years I have worked so very hard to forgive myself. Forgive myself for the incident that left one of my best childhood friends on the ground lifeless. Oh, how i wish that day would have never happened. Every time I think about it, it breaks my heart. I miss him everyday.

Incarceration has been long and hard, but through it, I have forgiven myself. Now moving forward with my life is what I seek. I am aware of the pain that I caused by making a rash decision. I am sorry for my actions. Please accept my apology from the bottom of my heart!

Please Forgive Me.

Profile 22

Name: Terrence Chew
Age: 39
Race: African-American/Black
Felony Conviction(s): 2nd Degree Murder / Especially Aggravated Robbery
City or County of Crime(s): Memphis / Shelby County
Brief Description of Crime(s): 2nd Degree Murder / Especially Aggravated Robbery

Harmed Caused:
The harm I caused is a price I have to pay in God s eyes. The loss of a life is always senseless. The harm is the memory of what I have done. The harm is the horrible thing that I ve done and caused a whole family to hate me. The harm is my family watching me from afar; grow up out of their presence and protection.
Apology Preface:
I want to apologize to my victim s mother, father, grandmother and the rest of his family. I want to apologize to my mother, my grandmother, my sister, my brother and the rest of my family for the hurt I have caused. I accept responsibility for my actions and I have matured enough to recognize the pain that I have caused and am very remorseful for my actions.

To the victim(s) of my crime(s):
I have been trying to write this letter for quite some time now. Every time I get from one sentence to another, I think about my actions and what got me here. I am so ashamed. At such a young age I didn t realize how much of an impact I have caused on your family and mine.

I have torn this letter in half so many times. It s because I felt that no words to fit what I really want to say... I wish I could take my actions back. I have asked God to forgive me so many times. When I talk to my family, they would tell me to thank God for forgiving me. I am having such a hard time forgiving myself. We were so young and I made a terrible mistake. I let the Devil consume me because I was not as close to God as I should have been, although I was raised in a God fearing home. My pastor always says  Sin has no conscience; it will take you further than you want to go and keep you longer than you want to stay. 

I know that I am probably the last person you want to hear from. I don t want to cause any more pain in your family s life. I am so sorry for my actions. Please forgive you for the pain I have caused you.

To my Family:
There are no words to express to completely show you how much I love you all. I am so sorry for the tears I have caused you to cry from deep inside you because of my actions. I am trying my hardest with everything in me to better myself so that you can see that all you taught me was not in vain.

Please Forgive Me.

Profile 21

Marco Dewayne Butler
Age: 35
Race: African-American/Black
Felony Conviction(s): Murder in the 1st Degree / Especially Aggravated Robbery
City or County of Crime(s): Memphis TN / Shelby County
Brief Description of Crime(s): 1st Degree Murder / Robbery

Harmed Caused:
I caused harm to the victim, the victim s family, and also my family as well. I know this was hard on the victim s family and mine.  A lot of harm came from my actions on August 12, 1994 that left one family without their loved one and left my family to deal with the fact that their loved one took another human life.

Apology Preface:
I want to apologize to my victim s family because I was wrong to commit such an act. I understand the grief that I have caused this family and I am sorry for my actions on that day.

To the victim(s) of my crime(s):
I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my victim s family for my crime on August 12, 1994. I acted in a way that contradicts the way I was raised by my parents. I am truly sorry for the grief that I caused you. Words cannot express the regret that I feel.

Upon finding this opportunity to reach out and apologize for my actions, I find this to be a blessing within itself. I have struggled for years dealing with the fact that I personally took another life when I know I was not raised in that manner.

I was a young kid who was involved in all sorts of sports. I was very focused on basketball until this event occurred. Still to this day, I do not know what came over me on the day of my crime. I am truly sorry for what happened and I want to apologize because I am able and because I do understand the pain I have caused this family. I took a part of their life from them by committing this crime and that is something my victim s family will have to endure forever. I realize also that your family may never forgive me for my actions, but I want to convey my deepest apologies. I am so sorry!

 May God Bless Us All
Please Forgive Me!

Profile 20

Offender Apology Profile

Name:  Baker, Joe Thomas Jr.      
Age:  41
Race:    African-American 
Felony Conviction(s):  1st Degree Murder, Armed Robbery x2
City and County of Crime(s): Montgomery and Sumner County
Brief Description of Crime(s):  Both incidents occurred at convenient  stores.

Apology Preface

I apologize to my victims and my family because my criminal behavior changed their lives unfairly forever.

To the victim(s) of my crime(s)

As I sit down to write my apology I find myself overwhelmed with guilt, shame, and uncertainty.  I must admit that when I was first incarcerated I felt more sorry because I was caught than I was about what I had done.  I truly did not connect with the pain that I had caused my victims. s

While sitting in maximum security, a man that was assisting my lawyer with my defense came to see me.  He had been interviewing my family and what he found out about my mother’s death shook me to my core.  My mother died when I was 7 years old.  I was told that she had died from cancer.

So, I grew up believing that my mother died from cancer.  My visitor told me that some members of my family believed that my mother may have been murdered, I became very angry.  I wanted to know why my family had never told me this.  When I called home my grandmother told me that she was sorry for not telling me but because of my fragile mental state after my mother’s death they(my family) thought it would be best not to tell me until I was older.  As I got older she said that the timing was never right. 

My grandmother went on to tell me that a man that I had known all of my life as “Uncle Sonny”, may have killed my mother.  I was so angry that I wanted to kill him because he had taken my mother away from my brother, sister, and me. 

Later that night when I was alone in my cell it hit me.  The rage that I felt, the anger I felt, the loneliness I felt, all of the emotions I felt made me cry uncontrollable.  All of the days as a child, that I had wished God would wake my mother up and send her home to me came flooding back.  I knew then that my victims must have been feeling the same way.  I knew then that I had become like that piece of garbage that took my mother away.  I knew then that my victims must think the same of me.

I wish that I would have never committed my crimes that caused so much pain to so many and for that I am truly, truly sorry.

I pray that my apology gives my victims some comfort in knowing that I accept full responsibility for my actions.  In addition, I reject the criminal lifestyle that poisoned my mind. 

Therefore, with that being said, let me ask you now to forgive me for the pain that I have caused you.  If I could I would not hesitate to take this back and I will never ever do anything like this again.

To my Family

I apologize to my ex-wife, children, parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins for the hurt, pain, shame, and embarrassment that I caused all of you through my criminal behavior.

There are no words strong enough to express how regretful I am for committing my crimes.  My behavior was inexcusable and totally contrary to the way I was raised.

I can only hope that one day I live up to the expectations you have of me.

Please forgive Me!

Profile 19

Offender Profile

Name:  Anthonio Vantress Brown #133395
Address: MLLX P. O. Box 2000, 500 Flat Fork Road, Wartburg, TN 37887
Age: 39
Felony Convictions: 6
City and County of Crimes: Madison County, Jackson, TN
Description of Crimes: Premeditated 1st Degree attempted murder and robbery

Apology to my victims and my family

First of all I want to thank God Almighty for even making all of this possible without Him in my life I wouldn’t have the courage to do any of this.  To my victims:  I would like to apologize to you for the way I came into your lives.  Unannounced and with greed and rage in my eyes.  Not wanting to hurt anyone and not even realizing when I came into your place with malice in my heart, I was already causing someone pain.  You did not know me nor did I know you, but yet you had something that I wanted.  The money that you and your family worked hard for.  Because I did not want to work hard for my own.  And for that I am ashamed. Ashamed of the life I once lived.  Not caring.  I am truly sorry and asking that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.  If not now, maybe one day.  God willing, you will.

To my family.  Thank you for standing with me and giving me encouraging words of wisdom, and loving me like you have loved me throughout the years.  Thank you for your love of God, which inspired me also to seek His face.  To my victims, and family.

I love you, and God Bless,

Antonio V. Brown

Profile 18

Offender Profile

Name: Donovan Davis
Address: P. O. Box 2000, Wartburg, TN 37887
Age: 43
Felony Convictions: Robbery and Murder
City and County of Crimes: Davidson County, TN
Description of Crimes: Murder during robbery of cell phone and page business

First off, I would like to apologize to my victim’s family and friends.  I am very sorry for committing such a senseless crime against your family member and friend.  I hope and pray you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Second, I would like the victim’s family and friends to know I have not just been in prison eating and sleeping like some prisoners, I’ve been trying to educate myself in here, so I won’t commit another crime.  I have attained my GED and have taken up many programs such as: Alcohol and Drug Program, Anger Management, and Victim’s Impact.  One thing I can say out of all the programs I’ve taken, the one that has had the most affect on me was Victim’s Impact because I learned how my crime affected society.

To my family

Third, I would like my wife and kids to please forgive me and accept my apology for the pain and grief that my criminal behavior has caused them.

In closing, I would like to thank the Apology Project Program and my victim’s family and friends for giving me the chance to apologize to everyone I’ve hurt from criminal behavior!

Donovan Davis

Profile 17

Offender Profile

Name: Jason Craig DeMarcus
Address:  P. O. Box 2000, Wartburg, TN 37887
Age: 29
Felony Convictions: Attempted 1st Degree and Aggravated assault
City and County of Crimes:  Hermitage, TN
Description of Crimes: Altercation with three people

To the victims of my crimes

As I have grown older, I have come to realize that my actions and no one but me is responsible for my crimes.  I am truly sorry for the pain and grief that I caused my victim and his family.  If I could take it back, I would.  Today, I am not the same little boy that thought that harming another human being would solve my problems.

To my family

To my sister and mother I would like to apologize for putting you through the pain I caused.  Nothing that you did caused me to commit my crimes.  (You are not to blame).

To my daughter

I apologize for not being there, like a father should be.  When I come home, things will be different.  Our lives will be better.

Jason C. DeMarcus

Profile 16

Offender Profile
Name:  Marcus Thomas
Address:  P. O. Box 2000, Wartburg, TN 37887
Age: 28
Felony Convictions: Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Possession of Firearms, Sexual assault, Aggravated Robbery
City and County of Crimes: Knox and Washington Counties, TN
Description of Crimes: Bodily injury and use of firearms

To the Victims of My Crimes

Dear Victims,

I would like to share with you my apologies of my past.  Understanding my past hasn’t been an easy one to express my shame.  I’ve learned over the course of years about denial, excuses and accepting responsibility.  I had to learn that accepting responsibility for all my actions was the key towards my rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation is within one’s self understanding actions which needs to be taken place to change. 

The victims I victimized came from poor choice of actions, poor decision making and poor respect for others.  I believe that being self-centered was never my intentions to the wrong I’ve done; but only by the poor choice of actions.  I never meant to cause the drama to my victims as well as the victim’s families.  I once experienced a great scene of pain at the age of 13 from a home invasion and burglary.  I felt inside how could anyone do such a thing.  I felt the hurt and pain from my parents in disbelief about this matter.  As I aged and began to look back on the moments in life, which I can finally see from my past how my victims felt.  Do I regret the things that I have done?  Why certainly I do.  I am glad from experience that my poor choices lead me to a place of confinement.  Actually learning respect and responsibilities has allowed me to be the man I am today.  I would like my victims to know that while being in prison I didn’t waste my time learning new ways to victimize productive citizens.  During my rehab I’ve had time to graduate from college, which has allowed me to have a new way of thinking.  So once again I am terribly sorry for the bad moments I’ve left you with mentally.  And I hope and pray that through all this time you have been able to pick up the broken pieces and able to go on with your life.

Marcus Thomas

Profile 15

Name: Smith, Theodore Oneal        
Age:   36

Race: African – American
Felony Convictions: Voluntary Manslaughter
City and County of Crime (s): Alcoa Blount County
Brief Description of Crime(s): Altercation over destroyed property
Apology Preface
To the victim(s) of my crime(s)
I am writing this letter to apologize for my actions and for the lost I have caused you. I never meant for things to go as far as they did. It all happened so quickly, it was like a blur in time. I know my words can never replace what I have taken from you, but just maybe you will find a little comfort in knowing how truly and deeply sorry I am. I, too, have lost loved ones to acts of violence, so I know firsthand the pain I have caused you. I hope and pray that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. If not, I still want to thank you for allowing me this opportunity to say that I am sorry. I will always keep you in my prayers.

To My Family
I want to apologize to my entire family. My actions have affected so many people in such a negative way. Mom, I am sorry for being such a pain. You have always tried to steer me down the right path, and I will always love you for all the support you given me and continue to give me.
To my three beautiful daughters, daddy is sorry for leaving you I know it has been rough, but we will make it through. To the rest of my family I am sorry for any embarrassment or shame I may have caused. I pray that you all can find in your hearts to forgive me.

Please forgive me!
God Bless

Profile 14

Name: Adams, Michael Brandon               
Age:   24
Race: African – American
Felony Conviction(s): Aggravated Child Abuse
City and County of Crime(s): Gallatin, Sumner County
Brief Description of Crime(s): Scalded fiancé`s nephew while attempting to bathe him
Apology Preface
I apologize to my victims and my family because my criminal behavior changed their lives unfairly forever.

To the victim of my crime, and his family.
I know and understand that at this point in time I may be the last person that you may want to hear from, but I really wanted to take this opportunity to deeply express my deepest and most sincere apologies for what took place on that August morning. I acknowledge the point that the mere utterance of words can nor will ever take back what happened. I do not want to allow another day to pass without trying to express to you and your family the remorse and regret that overtakes my heart and invades my mind every single day. Also, I am not just going on with life as normal. I think about what happened each and every day and more times than most, it gets harder and harder for me to look at myself in the mirror.

As time progress I pray that there be someway that you and your family will receive the acknowledgement of my sincerity. I also, understand that this attempt may go unheard because of the numerous lives, individuals, and families that were affected and hurt. I truly am sorry for what happened and I hope that you accept this in some shape, form, or fashion.

Please forgive Me!
Michael B. Adams

Profile 13

Name: Bembury, William Alfonzo             
Age:   40
Race: African – American
Felony Conviction(s): Aggravated Robbery
City and County of Crime(s): Knoxville, TN. Knox Co.
Brief Description of Crime(s): I was given counterfeit money by a guy I had business with. He would leave the safe open at an establishment that he worked at and I would come in and rob the store and take the money from the safe.

To my victims
First, I would like to apologize to my victims. I had no right under any circumstances to invade your life in such a violent way. There are no words that I can ever say to sufficiently express how sorry I am for violating your life. I would like to take this time to say I am sorry to the victims of the store in which I robbed. I am sorry for the nightmare I caused merely from my own selfishness gain. I had no right to come into your place of business and putting your life at risk , you should never have to worry about coming to work and worry if your life would be at risk. I am sorry for any and everything I put you and your family through! I would like to offer my heart felt apology to the owner of the store and his or her workers. Please except my apology.

To my family
Second, I want to take time out to tell the one person that mean so much to me that I am so very sorry for the hurt I put you through, “I never meant to hurt you, and God knows I never meant to leave you out there to face these hard times by yourself.” If I could go back in time I would have stayed home with you!
I am sorry for lying about that night and sorry for breaking your heart Tiawanna D. Walker.

Please forgive me!
William Alfonzo Bembury

Profile 12

Name: Whitt, Myron Scott              
Race: African – American
Felony Conviction(s): Selling Cocaine x 2
City and County of Crime(s): Anderson County
Brief Description of Crime(s): Hanging out selling drugs

Apology Preface
I would like to apologize to my victims and I would like to apologize to my family and love ones.

To my victims
I would like to apologize to all of the people that I have sold drugs to. My behavior was reckless and destructive. For that I am sorry! While I was selling drugs I did not see my customer’s as victims. I did not understand that I was ruining their lives and their family lives. I understand that now and I will never sell drugs or engage in any criminal activity again.

To my family
I would like to apologize to my family for the pain that my absence, due to my criminal behavior caused you. It will not happen again.

Please forgive me!
Myron Scott Whitt

Profile 11

Name: Porter, Lorenzo           
Race: African – American
Felony Conviction(s): Attempt to commit first degree murder x4, and Aggravated Robbery x7
City and County of Crime(s): Memphis- Shelby County
Description of Crime(s):

Apology Preface
I want to apologize to my victims, friends, and family for the pain I caused everyone.

To my victims
I would like to earnestly apologize to my victims for the pain that I bought to their lives. Nothing justifies my actions and I will not try to. Please accept my apology.

To my family
I am sorry that I have let you down. My behavior does not coincide with the morals and values that you have taught me. Please for give me for the embarrassment and the shame that I have caused you.

Please forgive me!
Lorenzo Porter

Profile 10

Name: Partee, Eddie                       
Age: 39
Race: African – American
Felony Conviction(s): Manslaughter
City and County of Crime(s): Memphis, TN- Shelby Co
Brief Description of Crime(s):  The brandishing of weapons et to one person being killed and another person being critically wounded.

Apology Preface
I would like to apologize to the victims, their family, my family and ultimately God for the pain and the grievance the crime against all persons has caused them. I am extremely remorseful, an apologetic towards them all.

First and foremost, I would like to express how thankful to God, I am to have the opportunity to express my sincere apologies to all involved.
To my victims and their family members I would like to say that I am sorry for disrupting your lives. I can only hope to get out of here and live a better life and nit hurt anyone ever again.

To my family
To my family, the love, of my life I love all of you and would never willingly cause any pain to you. While I have been incarcerated I have earned my GED, written a book about me, I hope to get it published someday. I am also taking college courses in business management. I will be with you all soon.

Please forgive me!
Eddie Partee

Profile 9

Name: Fulk, Raymond Scott                       
Race: Caucasian
Felony Conviction(s): Theft, Vandalism, and Burglary
City and County of Crime(s): Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County TN, Hohenwald, Lewis County TN
Description of Crime(s): Stealing to feed my addiction and vandalizing the jail because I did not want to be there.

Apology Preface
I sincerely apologize to my victims, my family and Brandy for I have used or abused all of you while living my life of drugs and crime.
To my victims
As I write this apology, I would first like to make it clear that there is no one to blame but myself for all the crimes that I have committed against all the people that I have cause pain or shame to. I have spent a little over a year of my incarceration blaming what I have done on many different things, as long as it was not me, during that time I would think of how to keep from coming back to prison.
At times I would tell myself, “Do not do anything around that guy because he will tell or move somewhere you are not known.” Finally, it hit me that I wasn’t guaranteed freedom by planning how not to get caught again, because I am looking for freedom from the imprisonment of guilt and shame that I have endured for so long by living the lifestyle that I have been living. In changing my mind-set from being a better criminal to being a better person, I am realizing more how my life of crime has affected so many others beside myself. Although, I cannot change what I have done to the victims of my crimes I do hope that this apology reaches many of them as possible, and by me turning my life around for the better, there can be some sort of closure toward the feeling that my behavior has caused. I am truly sorry and remorseful for the pain I caused each of you.

To my family
To all the members of my family and friends, I am truly sorry for all of the shame and embarrassment that my behavior has put you through and I hope that all of you can one day forgive me and be proud of who I’ve become.
To Mike, Julia, Christopher, and Ezra I know this is so hard on you al because you are so young and don’t understand completely what is going on, but I am sorry for causing all of you so much harm and loneliness. I have been so selfish that I have not opened my eyes to realize what I have done to you. I know there is not any way to make up for the  blanks I have left in your lives, but I do hope that by me stepping up to be the father that I should  be you can forgive me for my absence in your lives.
Brandy, this apology means so much to me because I have blamed you for almost everything I have done or that has happened to me because I was not willing to accept the responsibility of being the one to blame. I am sorry for all the pain, shame, and embarrassment I have caused you. I hope by seeing that I have opened my eyes to who I was and changing it, that you can forgive me.

Please forgive me!
Raymond Scott Fulk

Profile 8

Name: Dewhurst, Joseph                       
Race:  Caucasian
Felony Conviction(s):  Attempted Aggravated Robbery x2, Aggravated Burglary
City and County of Crime(s): Bradley Co.
Description of Crime(s): I attempted to rob some old friends
Apology Preface
I want to try to apologize to my victims for the fear and hurt I have caused them. I only pray that I can get a sense of forgiveness as I learn to forgive myself.

To my victims
How do can I find the words to say I’m sorry to a friend I victimized? I can’t even imagine the sense of fear I caused you that night you opened your front door and I was standing there with a loaded shotgun.  Days before this happened I tried to take my own life. I put a gun to my own head and pulled the trigger, but the safety fell out. I started to cry, because I thought I couldn’t even do that right.
I got to a point to where I thought I had nothing left to live for not even for my little girl! In my mind I snapped for those couple of days, which led me to your front door, and that is where everything ended for me. There is no excuse for my behavior and nothing that I say can ever erase what I did. I can only hope that through my actions later in life that I am truly sorry.
I am so sorry for the pain and suffering that I caused you and I hope that one day you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Please forgive me!
Joseph Dewhurst

Profile 7

Name: Wright, Joseph Wesley                       
Race: Caucasian
Felony Conviction(s): Aggravated Burglary x 2, Theft over $1000 x 2, Burglary, Theft over $500, Theft under $500.
City and County of Crime(s): Kingsport- Sullivan County
Description of Crime(s): I broke into homes to support my drug addiction
Apology Preface
To show remorse to the victims and my family for the crimes I committed. I truly apologize for the hurt, harm, and pain I have caused you by my criminal behavior.

To the victims of my crimes
            I know there are no words that will ever compare to the pain, hurt, and discomfort that I have caused you. Two years ago, I really sat down and tried to figure out where I went wrong. My search led me back to my childhood. My life started falling apart when I was ten years old my father passed away. My mom was never around to give me the love and attention that I needed. She cared more for her boyfriend’s that she did me, so I thought. I used this as an excuse to turn to drugs. I started selling drugs and committing all types of crimes. I did not care how bad I was hurting my victims.
            I have so much remorse, knowing that I’ll never be able to repair the damage I’ve done. I accept full responsibility for my crimes and I hope you can find it in you to forgive me one day. I deserve all the pain I endure in this prison and probably more time than what I actually got. It scares me to death to think of what punishment god will bestow on my family for my sins. I am so sorry. I promise I will never do anything like this ever again. I am working hard getting the help I need to prevent me from committing crimes ever again.

To my family
            I would like to apologize to my family. My mother Melinda, Heather, and most of all to Chelsey, and my daughter Kaydence. I have been so selfish and chose to try to corrupt people’s minds by through the crimes I committed.  I cared more about what I needed than what you needed.  I am so sorry for coming to prison when you needed me the most. I turned all of my dreams and your dreams for me into nightmares. All I ever want4ed in life was to make you happy and have a baby girl with you and I wasn’t even there for that. Everyday I cry uncontrollably. I feel like I’ve lost my soul for all the pain, hurt, and shame I’ve caused you. Words cannot express the remorse I feel. I pray that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Please forgive me!
Joseph Wesley Wright

Profile 6

Name: Woods, Robert T. Jr.                       
Age: 39
Race: African – American
Felony Conviction(s): First Degree Murder
City and County of Crime(s): Memphis, TN- Shelby Co
Description of Crime(s): Taking someone’s life by knife point or blade (stabbings).

Apology Preface
I would like to apologize first to the mother and father of the victim’s life I took. I would like to try and attempt to ease them of some grief and pain that I caused.

To the victim(s) of my crime
            I have only tried once to extend my apology and it was by phone. To no avail did that go through. I have never tried to write one. It was not because I did not want to, but because of fear. I am “Sorry” more than you know and I know this may sound cliché. If time could turn back, I rather it would have been me. I often catch myself thinking, and tears start to run down my cheeks. The pain is almost unbearable no one deserves to have this happen to them. The pain, grief, and lost of a love one is something no one should have to deal with. I am deeply SORRY for the hurt I have caused, and brought into your lives, but saying I’m sorry is a simple word.
            Yet it is all I can offer you because it is with a sincere heart, and remorse that I am trying to reach out. Also, to let you know I am neither a monster, nor someone who takes pleasure in hurting others.  I pray that you can forgive me for what I have done, and find peace. I have learned that there is an internal peace for those who accept Christ Jesus. I have given my life over to the Lord, but even through he forgives me of my sins, I still grieve the life I took from so many. It is a burden I must carry and live with. I will carry it with no complaints, but seek to bring happiness, peace, joy and love into the lives of others that I meet near of far. I once read that in order to take a life, you must be able to give life, not by birth as I am a male, but in healing of the heart, body, and mind which is an extension of the soul. But the goal is to never hurt or harm in any way to begin with. It is easier to love than to hate and I hate no one. I love the fact that I am able to speak to those whom my crime hurt and apologize whole heartedly.
Please for give me!
Robert Woods Jr.

Profile 5

Name: Horner, Rick                                               
Age: 47
Race: White
Felony Conviction(s): Possession of Drugs for resale
City and County of Crime(s):  Rogersville-Hawkins Co.
Description of Crime(s): I sold meth and cocaine

Apology Preface
To my family and the victims of my crime I want to apologize to my family and society. I am sorry for the grief I have caused. I want to make amends to everyone that I have hurt I have been clean for over a year. It feels good to think clear now.

I am writing this to the apology project in hopes to let my victim’s and my family know that I am sorry for the grief that I have caused. My drug addiction has caused me so many problems. My addiction has taken a lot from me. My addiction has cost me jobs, got me into all kinds of trouble with the law. Since I started using drugs my family has not looked at me the same way, I am really sorry for that. I feel the guilt and shame for all the people I have harmed. First, I felt I was doing no wrong, then it got out of hand I was selling to support my addiction which is what got me here.  It started with a little pot and drinking then I started using cocaine. Since I have been in prison I have been talking a lot of classes and there was one that really opened my eyes, it was called the A-D program.

I felt I was doing no wrong selling drugs. I now realize how many people I have harmed.  It has made me take a long look at myself and the choices I have made. I have been taking some focus classes that have helped me find my higher power. I go to AA that has helped me to understand other peoples problems. I want to say that I am sorry to the people I have sold drugs to and their families, and to my family for the embarrassment I have caused you all.
Please forgive me!
Rick Horner

Profile 4

Name: Ledbetter, William (Kirk)                                   
Race:  White
Felony Conviction(s): Forgery, Theft over $1,000
City and County of Crime(s): Cookville-Putnam County, Livingston- Overton County
Description of Crime(s): I wrote prescriptions for Percocet, and stole things for money
Apology Preface
I want to apologize to society and my family for the wrongs I have done while being and addict. I was a model citizen, served my country for eight years with an honorable discharge from the army. I just want society to know how being an addict can ruin your life, but there is hope for us.
To my family
I wanted to join the Apology Project so I could express to my family how sorry I am for the pain and embarrassment I have caused them for over twelve years.

I was a model citizen for society until 1997 I had a motorcycle accident in turn I became addicted to pain pills. I started failing as a person because I found a new friend “Percocet,” who I thought was better than anyone or anything. I started getting into trouble around 1999 and acquired felony charges for forgeries, and burglary. This is where my “new friend” and I got into a life of crime. Unfortunately, I had completely turned my back on what I was raised to be, what I joined the military to be, and what society meant to me; I was no longer a person, or man, I was an addict. I went to the penitentiary for eighteen months on a six year sentence and never received, or wanted, help for my addiction because I knew I could overcome my addiction. I was wrong, I didn’t do it. I continued lying to my family that I would come out clean, a new person, a new “Kirk” and I didn’t, I came out still an addict.

When I was paroled, I got married to a gracious woman and got 2 special stepsons. She didn’t know I was still an addict but I figured since I had told her I was an ex-convict that would be better. I wouldn’t have to say more. We had a baby together to add to our family, a very pretty little girl. I kept on lying to my parents, my children, my wife, and myself for six more years that I could control my addiction. I was wrong again. The people, who used drugs with me, weren’t my friends. I considered them a part of my family. That made my addiction worse. My new friend, “Percocet” and I had been friends for so long, I became worse as an addict; I started doing more crimes to get Percocet. My life with my family, which I have had for so long and the new family was never on my mind again. I lost every sense I had. I didn’t even know there was Higher Power. My addiction led me back to the pen on Jan. 4, 2008 on a 4 year sentence.

I had disgraced my wife, baby girl, stepsons, parents, sister, and other relatives again. Everyone thought I was Superman after I got out the last time but I hid the addiction so well no one knew it had always been there, eating me from the inside out. Since I have been incarcerated again, I found my higher power I know that there is a life without drugs. I started going to Christian Focus classes, AA, Bible Study, and church everything that I could fill my mind and soul with to change. I got into the Alcohol and Drug program in January so I could seek more help to overcome my addiction, to show people that when I am released from prison, I will be able to function in society again as a law abiding citizen.

I have 2 months to go in this 6 month program and it has shown me there is life out there. I can’t take back what I have done, I can only make a mends to the people I have hurt in my family and society. When I am finished with this program I can show others that I am no longer an addict. I am a recovering addict who will be a son, a father, a brother, and a man again. I can live in society now without causing it or my family grief again. I want to thank The Apology Program for giving me the chance to show how I feel now as a recovering addict, the A&D Program for showing me how to recover as an addict, an society for giving me the chance to prove myself, and show that I can make it in life without drugs.
Please for give me!
William “Kirk” Ledbetter

Profile 3

Name: Bishop, James                                               
Age: 45
Felony Conviction(s): Felony Murder, Especially Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Assault.
City and County of Crime(s): Knoxville TN-Knox County
Description of Crime(s): Domestic Altercation

Apology Preface
I want to apologize to the family of the man I shot and everyone who was hurt by my actions.

To my victims of my crime
It is rare for an opportunity such as this to present itself I wish to express my deepest sorrow for the harm I have caused in so many lives. I realize the pain and hardships I have caused in many lives. I am sorry. In the heat of the moment many lives were changed for the worse. It was not my intention to suddenly take a life, my life was over taken from a drug and alcohol addiction, and all at once my life exploded, I had no intention to kill, things just happened faster than I could rationalize it. This is not an excuse, but it is a factor.
I know some of the hurt that I caused changed many lives in a very negative way. I wish to convey my utmost sorrow to my victim’s family. My words cannot express the depth of grief I have because of my past actions, over the continuing years of my incarceration, I have not forgotten.
To my family
I am sorry to my family I took away my children’s father, my parent’s son and my sibling’s brother. My absence in your lives has been felt on this end too, I bear the wound as well. Nothing I could ever say would remove the harm that I have caused. Neither prayer nor actions can ever remove that which was done, the only thing I can do is try to move forward, bring closure where it is possible, to grow and to be the man I was meant to be. From my heart, I wish to extend my apology to all those I have hurt, never in my life did I see something of this  magnitude coming, I pray that peace finds you and my God’s blessing be upon you now and always.

Please forgive me!
James Bishop

Profile 2

Name: Christopher Anthony Anstine
Address: P O Box 5008
Calipatria, CA 92233
Age: 37
Race: Mexican/Irish
Felony Conviction: Voluntary Manslaughter
City and County of Crime: Colton, San Bernardina
Description of Crime: Crime of Passion (Heat of Passion Rule)

My uncle (RIP) once said “that no one would ever understand what we share, the way we share it.” He was right. We were two different kinds of people, whose souls mated long before their births. For as long as I could remember there was always this emptiness, this void and the only light that ever shinned in that darkness was yours from that moment I saw the twinkling in your eyes as you looked at me for the first time. My heart began.

I knew then and there that destiny had presented itself. That our lives would be entwined until the end of time. Your very smile alone lifted me up inside and made me feel good about myself. (Truly worthy) Something of which I have never known. Our love grew like such wildfire. Too fast and too strong, for a couple of kids, 15 and 16, is not the age to make the kind of decisions we made. Bu you felt like family, (blood of my blood) there was kinship, a bond, our understanding of one another. It is something that eludes me to this very day. “You’re the love of my life.

I miss the life we never got to finish. I have spent the last 13 years (years searching isn’t one that rightfully exist. Many times I have even contemplated giving that apology face to face. But, that’s a coward’s way, “you’d say, I’d trade my life for your if I could, I’ve already traded my soul. There is no St. Peter, or even Cerberus waiting for me).

Oh God, I’m so sorry, Love, Please don’t ever forgive me! I am the thief that stole all your lives. My dreams are filled with the nightmares of the damage I have done. My days are crammed full of the screams I have caused you. I am so far from God that I am beyond grace and foul. I am at this place you find me now, touched only by the unknown. To those whose lives I robbed of the pleasure of our love. Take solace in the fact that the torment is now disease and literally eating away at me. So rid yourself of your hatred for me, before it consumes you too. No one hates me more than I do.

Nine years together and two wonderful children are a testament to what we shared. How, I would marvel at the woman you are now. I wish love for you, even if it wasn’t my own. How deserving you are/were of such things. You would be so proud of our kids, they have grown magnificently. Exactly that which you hoped and dreamed. Even T. Marie has grown elegantly. I will see to it they know you as I knew you, intimately. They shall know all of your goals, even your fears. The beauty you possessed kept me safe, more than once. Your hard working nature and your fun ways. Your deep love for music and flare for dancing. Your affinity for children and the desire to teach them. Your intelligence and exceptional courage. How even the simplest things made you happy. So sweet, so giving and especially what a good wife, lover, mother you were. How we grew up together. That’s the truly gorgeous thing about you, was you and to love, whose only mistake was being at the wrong place at the wrong time, w/the wrong woman. Your blood weighs heavy on my hands. My deepest regrets go out to your wife, children, and family. May my Lord have His mercy on your soul.

This apology is/was written for the you woman who shined a light into the night’s sky.
I Love You
(Psalms 88)

Profile 1

Name: Christopher Anthony Anstine
Address: P O Box 5008
Calipatria, CA 92233
Age: 37
Race: Mexican/Irish
Felony Conviction: Voluntary Manslaughter
City and County of Crime: Colton, San Bernardina
Description of Crime: Crime of Passion (Heat of Passion Rule)

In 2007 with the help of his family, Joe Baker, an inmate in TN, who wanted to apologize to his victims founded The Apology Project. Joe and other inmates who feel remorse for their crimes have posted their apologies online. During the month of November we will begin the drive to 5000 Apologies. Our goal is to offer 5000 inmates the opportunity to apologize to their victims online. To promote the drive to 5000 apologies we are selling our trademarked bracelet for 2.50, thats 50 percent off the retail price, plus 2.50 S&H. To reserve your bracelet & pay later text your name & address to 6154105707. We will contact you in 10 days when your bracelet arrives. Together we can give 5000 victims the gift of an apology for XMAS. PLEASE SEND THIS TEXT TO 10 FRIENDS. To read Joe's apology go to