Sponsoring An Inmate


            “The Apology Project,” was created to help inmates apologize for the pain their criminal behavior has caused their victims, their family, their friends, and society, as a whole.

            During my years of incarceration I have came to believe that true rehabilitation must include some form of apology to those offended. Without it the offender never has to acknowledge the pain and grief caused by their actions.

            While writing my apology I experienced the whole range of emotions – from denial to extreme sadness. This journey through my own personal tragedy allowed me to feel and understand the pain and grief caused to my victim’s family. Once I was able to relate my pain to their pain, the full magnitude of what I had done came raining down on me.

            At that moment I begin to realize the life changing power and significance of an apology.

            A sincere apology requires the offender to get in touch with their emotions. This is difficult for most criminals because any shows of emotion in prison (other than anger, rage, hate, etc.) are associated with weakness, which can lead to death in prison. So in order to survive we suppress those emotions that would allow us to empathize with our victims and others – a major step in turning away from crime.

            After living this way for years on end, we become hardened to any emotion other than those related to “toughness.”
An apology helps breakdown those walls, helping the offender to begin to see the flaws of the criminal lifestyle.

            As a sponsor you can show an inmate that he or she has someone whom cares about him or her. Your support will contribute to the breakdown of barriers that promote continued criminal behavior, which leads to perpetual incarceration.

            By becoming a sponsor of the Apology Project you agree to pay the one-time setup fee of $10.00 for a year of posting the inmate’s apology. This is a big help to inmates because most inmates earn little – to no money.

            If you decide to become a sponsor of The Apology Project, you can provide us the name(s) and address(es) of the inmate(s) you have in mind, or we will choose for you. The inmate(s) will receive one of our Offender Apology Packets, anonymously from you. The packet contains:

  1. An introductory letter explaining the Apology Project.
  2. An offender Apology Profile Application
  3. A letter of acceptance. (The inmate must complete and return to us signify that he or she would like to participate in T.A.P.

After we receive the inmate’s letter of acceptance, we will notify you via e-mail, that your gift of sponsorship has been received and accepted. The inmate then has (60) sixty days to complete and return the apology for posting. We will not under any circumstances provide any information about sponsors to inmates. Sponsorship of sex offenders is not allowed.

            To become a sponsor of, “The Apology Project,” complete the form below, pay the $10.00 setup fee by credit card or send a check or money order to:

Baker Enterprises
c/o The Apology Project
401 15th Ave. West
Springfield, TN 37172

Sponsorship Information

I would like to sponsor ______________________ for, “The Apology Project.”
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Listed below are the names and addresses of the inmates that I would like to sponsor.

I would like Baker Enterprises to choose _________________ inmate(s) for me to sponsor.
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sponsor ____________________ inmates.
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